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New York Giants News, 10/2: With Season In Tatters, Writers Tee Off

Let’s look at some of the reaction to the Giants’ 0-4 start

NFL: New York Giants at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants are a stunning 0-4. Forget putting a fifth Super Bowl trophy in the case at Giants’ headquarters, it’s looking like it might be difficult to win five games. Fans are, of course, not happy. Players and coaches aren’t happy. The media is, of course, teeing off on the amazingly awful Giants. Here is some of the reaction.

Any hope Giants had for season has been totally extinguished | New York Post

The Giants didn’t have a catchy slogan attached to them heading into this year, the “[Stink] for Sam” jingle the Jets had. But four games into this 2017 season, they have gone another way.

They just stink on general principle.

Sorry, Justin Pugh, but your 0-4 Giants are done | Newsday

Think of it. Here we are, a month into a season of New York football, and it’s the Jets who are the ones creating any interest at all after a surprising 2-2 start. This plucky team of mostly young players already has defied expectations, and even though they’re not doing much to assure themselves of a high draft pick and potentially drafting a franchise quarterback in 2018, they’re overachieving to the delight of a beleaguered fan base.

Giants fans had hoped this might be the beginnings of a fifth Super Bowl champion. Instead, it has turned into a dumpster fire the likes of which they have rarely seen.

Giants’ pleas for help won’t be answered in already lost season | New York Post

There isn’t anyone left outside 1925 Giants Drive who can possibly conclude anything other than that fifth Lombardi Trophy was an illusion and a delusion.

Anyone think the 0-4 Giants would be better at Sucking For Sam Darnold than the Jets?

The Giants Are the NFL's Biggest Disappointment |

Football has three phases, and the Giants are failing in all of them. First it was the offense that scored just three points at Dallas in Week 1. Then the special teams gave up a back-breaking 88-yard punt return to the Lions in Week 2. And this week, in Tampa Bay, the defense had its turn in a 25-23 loss. What was supposed to be one of the league's top units surrendered seven yards per play to Jameis Winston and the Buccaneers. And in crunch time, that ballooned to 11.9 yards per play as the Bucs marched for a go-ahead score and then—after the Giants’ offense reclaimed the lead—moved 62 yards to set up a game-winning field goal as time expired.

In part, New York has been unlucky—it'll face a losing squad for the first time next week when the Chargers come to town. But this is a team that finished in the top five in defense last year and that brought in new weapons for a supposedly Hall of Fame caliber quarterback (Eli Manning), who still has arguably the league's most talented player (Odell Beckham Jr.). And here that team is, in October, losing the battle of New York to a Jets team that is trying to tank . . . by two games! In a season that's seen several other projected contenders start slow (Patriots, Seahawks, Cowboys), New York Daily News columnist Gary Myers called the Giants "far and away the No. 1 flop of the first month of the NFL season." Then he went further. "This truly might be the most disappointing and underachieving Giants team of all time," he wrote. Now that's saying something.

Bend or break: How New York Giants are approaching 0-4

After Sunday's 25-23 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers dropped them to 0-4, they are now the longest of longshots to return to the playoffs. Teams that start the season with four straight losses have a 1.1 percent chance of reaching the postseason since the start of the current playoff format, according to ESPN Stats & Information.

So the Giants have 99 percent odds of NOT making the playoffs. To put it bluntly, that's terrible, much like their play over the first four weeks. It left just about everyone in the Giants' locker room on Sunday in a sour, expletive-filled mood.