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New York Giants news, 10/19: “Not much different” for Manning with Sullivan calling plays

Let’s check your Thursday morning headlines

NFL: New York Giants at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Mike Sullivan and Ben McAdoo
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New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning said Wednesday that “it’s not that much different” for him having offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan call the plays instead of head coach Ben McAdoo.

“He calls them in practice every day, he has for the year, during training camp, during practices. So, I’m used to hearing them in the ear, it’s just his rhythm of how he’s calling things,” Manning said. “We kind of have a lot of things scoped out, so you kind of know what plays are coming.”

Manning threw only 19 times on Sunday against the Denver Broncos, and his 128 passing yards were his lowest total since he passed for 119 yards on Sept. 22, 2013 against the Carolina Panthers in a 38-0 loss.

Manning knows that the Giants, even with a more conservative, run-oriented blueprint, will need more from the passing game to continue winning.

“We’ve got to throw the ball better, we’ve got to do some other things. But, hey, we’ve got to run the ball, we’ve got to be physical up front, try to play field position, play ball control, those type of things,” Manning said. “Still have got to find completions, have to get into good third down situations, convert on those a little bit better. But we’ve still got to execute and that’s what it comes down to.”

McAdoo again says play-calling switch was his call

Giants’ co-owner Steve Tisch said earlier this week that he and John Mara had discussed play-calling with McAdoo. On Wednesday, the coach again asserted that turning that job over to Mike Sullivan was his call.

“Early last week, I made a decision that I wasn’t going to call it. So, the office next to mine is Mike Sullivan’s. I walked into Mike Sullivan’s office, I said, ‘You’re calling it this week.’ Jerry (Reese) is down the hall. I walked down to Jerry’s office. I said, ‘Jerry, I’m not calling it this week. Sully is calling it.’ Then I walked down to the quarterback room. I said, ‘Hey Eli, Sully is calling it this week.’ And, that was it,” McAdoo explained.

Pete Carroll: Seahawks won’t look past Giants

Seattle coach Pete Carroll was asked Wednesday if it was difficult to motivate his team for a game against the 1-5 Giants.

“Well, we’re not in that business of trying to convince them now. They’ve played a bunch of really close games. You can see the play and the potential of their ability as a team. They just took it out on Denver in a very difficult situation. I mean, everybody knows who plays there. That’s so hard to play there against a really good team and they were able to really control the game,” Carroll said. “So, it’s really clear that we’re up against a difficult opponent and we’re going across the country to do it and all that kind of stuff. So, we got no problem. This is never an issue for us.”

Mara: No pressure placed on McAdoo

Co-owner John Mara said Wednesday he and Tisch did not pressure McAdoo into giving up play-calling duties.

"I certainly did not speak to Ben and I know (co-owner Steve Tisch) did not about giving up the play-calling," Mara said Wednesday at the NFL fall owners meeting. "That's got to be the coach's decision at the end of the day."

"I think Jerry has probably had that discussion with (McAdoo), but even Jerry would not and did not tell him that he had to give up the play-calling duties," Mara said. "That has to be the head coach's decision."

Mara: Beckham injury won’t impact contract

Mara also said Wednesday at the NFL fall owner’s meeting that the season-ending injury suffered by Odell Beckham Jr, won’t impact upcoming negotiations for a long-term contract for the superstar wide receiver.

"I don't think that will have any effect because I think he's going to make a full recovery.”