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Shocker! NFL players think Giants’ QB Eli Manning is overrated

Like that would have been hard to predict

New York Giants v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

I will bet you have never heard this one before. NFL players think Eli Manning of the New York Giants is the most overrated quarterback in the league.

At least, 14 percent of the 155 players ESPN surveyed believe Manning is the league’s most overrated signal-caller. That, I guess, makes them like non-Giants fans everywhere. And, yes, plenty of Giants fans themselves.

ESPN says Manning “has won two Super Bowl championships but ranks No. 30 in Total Quarterback Rating (QBR) in the five seasons since he turned 31 years old. The Giants are 31-39 since that point.”

By the way, Andrew Luck drew 11 percent of the vote and Joe Flacco 10 percent.

So, yeah, we’ve heard this before. We will probably hear it again. No matter. You still can’t take those two Super Bowl MVP trophies away from Manning, and I don’t think you can pin the Giants’ lack of success since 2011 on him.