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Giants at Broncos 2017, Week 6 picks: BBV staff expecting more pain

Things will get better someday — but most likely not Sunday night

Los Angeles Chargers v New York Giants Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

The New York Giants are 12.5-point underdogs Sunday night against the Denver Broncos. Here is what Big Blue View contributors think is going to happen.

Chris Pflum

I'll get the prediction part out of the way quick: Giants lose.

But I'm going to be looking to see if any individual Giants have days that count as personal wins. Will Evan Engram really begin emerge as the versatile weapon he was drafted to be? They could sure use him to be that with Beckham done for the year. I think everyone, Giants and Broncos fans alike, should be rooting for Travis Rudolph to make an impact -- but there's a big difference between making plays in preseason and on Denver's starting defense. Can Brett Jones have a good game and give the Giants something to really think about when it comes to free agency? Or could D.J. Fluker establish himself as a potential long-term answer on the interior. How about Donte Deayon taking advantage of his opportunity and combining with Darian Thompson to be the ballhawking duo they were at Boise State (36 combined interceptions)?

I'm not expecting a win, but it would sure be nice to have some positive stories come out after one of the roughest weeks for the Giants in a long time.

Dan Pizzuta

The Giants are bad and not healthy. Not a great start. They’ve had communication problems on and off the field and that doesn’t make things much better. One of their best defensive backs is suspended for the game and the best pass rusher is still injured. The starting center and best current wide receiver will also be inactive. The offense is potentially in such bad shape, I suggested stealing plays from the Buffalo Bills when previewing what could happen when the Giants have the ball.

As poorly have some other games have gone, most of them have at least been close. But it feels like anything more than 10 points would be incredible output, especially against the Denver defense. The season is going to get somewhat better at some point, but this won’t be the week.

Final score: Broncos 24, Giants 10

Valentine’s View

Stranger things have happened, but considering their record, their injuries, and their current state of turmoil there is no way anyone can expect an inspired, turnaround effort Sunday night from the Giants.

Coach Ben McAdoo said this week that “There’s nobody giving us a chance in hell to go win this ballgame.”

I’m not, either.

There is no way I expected the Giants to be in this position this early in the season. They shouldn’t be as bad as they are. They need to heal, both physically and internally as a team, before things will get better. That isn’t going to start Sunday night.

Final score: Broncos 30, Giants 13