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DRC suspension to be lifted after Sunday — report

Beyond that, can McAdoo fix relationship with players?

New York Giants v Washington Redskins Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The “indefinite” suspension of Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie could reportedly last just one week. NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport is reporting that Rodgers-Cromartie is “confident” he will be reinstated during the coming week.

There have been a variety of reports with slightly differing details concerning what led to the suspension. Here is Rapoport’s report:

According to those with direct knowledge of the situation, the argument began while Rodgers-Cromartie hurt his lower leg and was pulled from the field last Sunday. He came to the sidelines and saw his backup on the field, wanted to continue, but was pulled off the field harshly by the coaches.

He reacted in a demonstrative way, throwing equipment. He was sent to the locker room. An argument ensued post-game. On Tuesday, he was informed he would be inactive today. On Wednesday at the facility, with his situation not yet resolved with McAdoo, he was suspended and left the facility.

In Rodgers-Cromartie's mind, considering that he's done everything he was asked by this team (including play in the slot), he should be treated with respect. He believed he got treated unfairly while younger players received comparatively little criticism.

Rapoport also reported that “Some former teammates pointed out that Rodgers-Cromartie hadn't bought into the coaches during the 2015 season, and that some of the same issues had arisen again.”

McAdoo vs. the locker room

Art Stapleton of The Record reported earlier in the week that players were unhappy with McAdoo for his inconsistent treatment of players.

McAdoo is fond of saying that he is consistent — he treats everyone differently. Per Stapleton, that has led some veteran players to wonder why they get criticized and younger players do not.

Stapleton expanded Sunday morning in a series of tweets:

That sentiment coincided with what I wrote on Friday, that it was inexcusable for McAdoo to wait three days before speaking with the team about the situation. He reportedly finally did so on Friday afternoon.

One more from Stapleton:

Is it too late for McAdoo to recover from this? The fan base is screaming for his head, of course, but perhaps not. Beyond Xs and Os, game management and whether or not he calls the offensive plays, McAdoo needs to look in the mirror, figure out where his relationship with players went off the rails and try to fix it.

If he is willing to, and can, do perhaps he has a chance to stick around. If he isn’t willing to try, or can’t, and the relationship between coach and the players in the locker room is irretrievably broken the Giants will need to move on.