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BBV Mailbag: No, the Giants should not bring Victor Cruz back

My answer to the Cruz question, and a few others

NFL: New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles
Victor Cruz
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Let’s open of the Big Blue View mailbag and answer some questions today. To be honest, I skipped a whole lot of “fire McAdoo and Reese” questions, along with who should we draft and who should be the next coach. I’m not getting into those discussions now.

Anyway, here is what I did answer.

Ed says: The “will the Giants sign Victor Cruz?” question came in several times. The answer is I think that is highly unlikely. First and foremost, Cruz is no longer a very good player. He wasn’t good last season, he got cut by the Chicago Bears and NO ONE has offered him another opportunity.

Fans might be sentimental and you might think it would be cool to see Cruz salsa again. Cruz wants to come back. Why wouldn’t he want to come back? No other NFL team appears willing to give him a job. The NFL, however, is not in the sentimentality business.

Seriously, though, what point would bringing Cruz back serve? The Giants are going nowhere, so what good does it do them to sign a guy they would almost certainly cut — again — at the end of the year? Play the kids and find out if any of them can be part of the future. That is what makes sense.

Ed says: I really don’t know, to be honest. That, though, is one of the few fascinating things left about watching the final 11 games. Can Ed Eagan or Travis Rudolph contribute? Can Avery Moss develop into a player? What about Chad Wheeler, if an d when he eventually gets a chance?

Ed says: I think at some point this season letting Davis Webb play some certainly has to be on the table. That does not mean I’m advocating starting him, benching Eli Manning, etc. Manning is still playing at a high enough level to win games and is the team’s best option. But, I’m all for getting Webb some snaps later in the year to get a read on where he is and if quarterback needs to be in play in the 2018 NFL Draft.

Ed says: Well, I think it’s obvious that the offense has to change without Odell Beckham Jr. That said, you can’t write a whole new play book or install a whole new offense right now. The trick is going to be to figure out — quickly — what the guys they have do well within the offense they already have constructed, and utilize that.

Ed says: Brett Jones is a nice player, and he is better suited to be a center than a guard because of his short stature (by NFL offensive lineman standards). What will be interesting to me is that the Giants have offseason free agency decisions to make on Justin Pugh and Weston Richburg. Do the Giants think Jones is good enough to let Richburg walk and give Jones the center job? I don’t know.

Anthony Durkalec asks: I love Eli Manning and I still think he has game left. Would the Giants consider trading him? We could use a couple of first round picks, ours and another one. Draft a lineman and QB. This team needs to start over.

Ed says: I addressed this recently in a couple of place. I would not be going around the league offering Manning to anyone, and I do not believe the Giants would do that. If, however, someone like Tom Coughlin were to call the Giants and offer, say, two first-round draft picks you have to think about that for the long-term good of the franchise. I don’t know if that kind of price tag is even remotely realistic, but if a team made you that offer I think you have to take it.