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Senior Bowl 2017: Gerald Everett a standout at tight end

South Alabama TE trying to show he can do more than catch

NCAA Football: Senior Bowl-South Practice
Gerald Everett makes a catch during Senior Bowl practice.
Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

Gerald Everett scored 12 touchdown the past two seasons with a predominately running team while at South Alabama. His 40-yard dash time is better than the number one ranked tight end O.J. Howard and he has shown equally good hands during Senior Bowl practices. Do not be surprised if Everett doesn’t make it out of the second round.

Gerald Everett

(6-foot-4, 240) South Alabama, Projected round: 2-3

Q: You come from a smaller D-1 school. What do you need to do to show scouts that you belong on Sundays?

Everett: I had a great year at South (Alabama). It was my decision to come to a program like this, and now am ready to take it on to the next level. I offer an asset with a TE who can block. I feel I am the whole package deal.

Q: How has your experience been so far at the Senior Bowl?

Everett: I am having a good time so far and getting to know a lot of guys I have seen play on TV. This is definitely going to help me mentally. Being coached by NFL coaches like the Browns I couldn’t ask for a better setup.

Q: With as many scouts and coaches from every team here, how do you handle the pressure to perform or the accolades?

Everett: I don’t really worry about the scouts, I am here to play football. They will see what kind of game I have and make their own conclusions. Hopefully, they will all love what they see and know I am a person who is going to come in and contribute right off.

Q: What are your personal goals for the upcoming season?

Everett: I am interested in knowing where I end up, but want to be a team member who will be there for his teammates and help the team win. Just plug me in.

Q: You had a bust-out year the past two seasons in a mainly run-oriented offense. What type of offensive system are you hoping for in the NFL?

Everett: I feel I am a very good blocker and am not afraid to go and take on someone, especially if they are bigger than me. I like to block. We ran quite a bit, but I was used as a receiver quite a bit, too. I have good hands and a pretty good reach so bad throws are still catchable.

Q: There are scouts talking about how you can become one of the better receiving threats in the NFL for years to come. Your thoughts?

Everett: I think I have great hands and will go out and get after a throw. I like running routes just as much as I like to block and take somebody out of a play to help out a teammate. I would love a long career in something that I love to do anyway. All pluses for me.

Q: Favorite players growing up?

Everett: You have to like Gronk. Jordan Reed has a good game. I mainly watch tight ends.

Q: Favorite NFL team?

Everett: Seattle Seahawks. That will change I am sure real soon.

Barry Shuck is at the Senior Bowl this week gathering interviews and providing live coverage for Giants fans.

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