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Senior Bowl: Josh Dobbs has “great opportunity”

Tennessee QB learning from Hue Jackson, Cleveland staff

NCAA Football: Senior Bowl-South Practice
Josh Dobbs at Senior Bowl practice.
Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

Former Tennessee quarterback Josh Dobbs knows that there have been quarterbacks in the past who have used the Senior Bowl as a spring board to a mid-round selection in the NFL Draft, and eventual pro success. Can he follow that path?

Josh Dobbs

(6-4, 220) Tennessee, Projected round: 5

Q: What are your goals this week?

Dobbs: To show that I have what it takes to move on to the next level.

Q: Your coach this week, Browns head coach Hue Jackson, is known for developing quarterbacks. What are you expecting as far as teaching?

Dobbs: So far it has been really cool. I had heard great stories about Hue and how he can elevate your game as a quarterback. A great player’s coach, great energy. To receive first-hand coaching is a great opportunity for myself.

Q: Are you aware of some of the guys in the past that have come to the Senior Bowl and been drafted in the mid-rounds and had success?

Dobbs: I know Russell Wilson had a great week here and was a third-round pick and now has a Super Bowl ring. Last year with Dak (Prescott) is another example. At the end of the day, no matter where you are drafted, in my mind, you step on the field to compete, play to the best of my abilities and try to win the starting job. No matter where I start on the depth chart, I will feel that I am the best quarterback.

Q: You have excellent scrambling abilities. Do you think the NFL is gravitating towards more of a running quarterback?

Dobbs: There have always been running quarterbacks. It seems like now there are more than in year’s past. Russell Wilson is not a running quarterback, but he will certainly tuck it and run. I feel that if I can make a positive out of a negative then that only helps my team. I am not afraid to tuck it and take off if the pocket collapses or I see an opening on the field.

Barry Shuck is at the Senior Bowl this week gathering interviews and providing live coverage for Giants fans.

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