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What they’re saying: New York Giants react to victory over Washington Redskins

Giants end with 11 victories, move on to face Packers

New York Giants v Washington Redskins
Tavarres King after his 44-yard catch Sunday.
Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

How did the New York Giants react to their 19-10 victory over the Washington Redskins on Sunday? Let’s go inside the locker room and see what players were saying as the regular season came to a conclusion.

Eli Manning

On the team gaining 161 rushing yards:

“That is big. They were playing a lot of two-high safeties so you have to run the ball in those looks. We did a good job kind of running them out of it a little bit. [They] brought in some single-high finally and made some plays with that. That’s big. Just helps continue the clock, running the clock. Our defense is playing outstanding, so that is a pretty good formula if your defense is playing strong and running the football well. You are going to be strong going forward.”

On the long pass down the sideline to WR Tavarres King:

“Earlier we tried to throw a slant over there and [CB Greg Toler] is playing heavy and inside. So kind of said try and run by him. Got the ball over there and told him early on we are going to run by 20 [Toler] if we get a chance and sure enough play came in. He just had a go route, got one-on-one and took my matchup and do your job winning and making the catch.”

On how important it was for the starters to play and win:

“I think it is good. I think it is good to get in there and play, play a full game going against a good team who’s trying to win to extend their season, possibly make the playoffs. For them it is a playoff game. So I think we had to take that same mentality. Just go over there and match the same intensity. I think it was good to go in there and play, run the ball, do some good things and also to get in that situation late in the game, tie game. At that point, we played the whole game, might as well go win this thing. Make the plays that we need to make to get the field goal and win it.”

Other players

Paul Perkins on his first career 100-yard rushing game ...

“I hold myself to high expectations. One hundred yards is good, but I’m striving for better … This was a crucial game, a big time game. Coming into this stadium was awesome. As the game went on, I got more comfortable. The game slowed down and I started seeing the holes more quickly.”

Victor Cruz on how Odell Beckham Jr. dealt with Josh Norman’s provocations ...

"He's growing up. He's finally taking my advice and putting it to use. It was good to see him just grow up and be the kid we know he is. The bright, smiley young kid that he is. He knows [CB Josh Norman] is a guy who tries to get under his skin; do different things to him. He rose above that today."

Beckham on going to the playoffs ...

“It feels great. I'll be thinking about it all night. It feels amazing and now we have to lock in and focus. We have a big game ahead. I don't know who we play. Just got to do our best week of preparation all year and come out ready to play."

Beckham on the matchup with Norman ...

"I don’t know, that's been dead for a long time. I’m really focused on us and going to the playoffs right now. It bothers me, doesn't really bother me, it's been whatever."

Jonathan Casillas on winning 11 games ...

“It’s awesome. Ten wins are good but 11 wins are awesome. I don’t remember the last time the Giants did that and it’s a good mark and a good way to finish the season. It gives us some momentum when we’re playing.”

Tavarres King on his 44-yard reception ...

“It means a lot. The fact that E and the coaches believe in me and trust in me enough in a critical situation like that, to come to me means so much to me. I have a lot of gratitude and thankfulness in those guys. That’s all I want from my teammates. For them to believe in me, trust in me and know that I’m going to give 110 percent for them.”

Washington viewpoint

Head coach Jay Gruden on missing the playoffs ...

“Yeah, it’s disappointing. No question about it. Anytime you’re standing up here after 17 weeks of football and your season is over, it’s a disappointing season, whether it’s 17 weeks, 18 weeks or 19 weeks. Never, ‘Oh, man, I’m proud to be 8-7-1,’ for goodness sake. We’re very disappointed at the outcome. We feel like we have personnel good enough to win the game. I take responsibility for us having our season over. It’s on my shoulders. We’ve got to do a better job as coaches.”