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New York Giants’ news, 1/12: McAdoo — Giants have “got to get a fix” on offense

Coach offers season-ending thoughts via WFAN

Detroit Lions v New York Giants Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

New York Giants coach Ben McAdoo addressed a wide variety of topics during an appearance Wednesday on WFAN Radio with Mike Francesa, everything from working to fix the offense to debunking the idea that the Giants trashed their plane following their loss Sunday to the Green Bay Packers.

On fixing the offense ...

“We have to look at everything. We’re going to look at coaching. We’re going to look at teaching. We’re going to look at who we’re playing and how we’re playing them and the personnel and what we can add to help fix it and create competition. And we’ve got to get a fix because we didn’t play good enough offense to get where we want to go.”

On missed opportunities early in the playoff loss to Green Bay ...

"We obviously let some opportunities slip through our fingers there early in the ballgame, but I was confident that we were going to be able to move the ball, we've been taking care of the ball, Eli was really spinning it well, as good as he has all year. ... You have to score more points than six. We didn't do that."

On the report the Giants trashed their plane returning from Green Bay ...

“That’s bulls—-, Mike.”

On the idea that the Giants might draft a quarterback as a potential successor to Eli Manning ...

"If it's the right guy. If you find a guy that you like and you can bring a guy in at the right value that's gonna help you, that's gonna help create competition and maybe somebody for down the road then you do it. If not, then you don't press."

Give the full podcast a listen below.

Big Blue Chat podcast: Season-ending edition

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