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New York Giants’ New Year’s resolution: Find a TE? Fix the OL? What is it?

ESPN says it’s finding a tight end

New York Giants v Pittsburgh Steelers
Will Tye runs after a catch.
Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

Happy New Year, New York Giants fans! Let’s hope your New Year’s Eve went better than Mariah Carey, who had a disastrous Times Square performance. Missed that? Just search Twitter, where a great deal of fun is being had at Carey’s expense.

Anyway, today is the day for making those New Year’s resolutions you know you probably won’t keep. The Giants have a game today and a playoff run to prepare for, so they have more important things to worry about than how to construct their team for next season. That, however, doesn’t stop us from speculating just a bit.

ESPN put together a list of New Year’s resolutions for every NFL team. For the Giants, it was “Get a tight end who is a deep threat down the middle of the field.” Jordan Ranaan said:

The Giants haven't had one since Martellus Bennett left as a free agent in 2012. You're more likely to see a black unicorn (Bennett's nickname) run down the middle of the field for the Giants than a tight end these days. It has been a problem, especially with the offense unable to solve the basic Cover 2 defenses it faces with regularity.

Valentine’s View: I agree with Ranaan here. I would also resolve to try to fix the offense line, but Ranaan is absolutely correct that tight end is a problem.

Larry Donnell had his run and deficiencies with blocking and ball security brought that to an end. Will Tye has been a disappointment in his second season. He just doesn’t get open often enough, and consequently has become mostly a dump-off guy for Eli Manning. He is also short for a tight end at 6-foot-2, complicating the ability to utilize him in the red zone. Jerell Adams might be part of the answer going forward, but I don’t think the Giants have seen enough from Adams to pass on a potential upgrade if one comes along.

The Giants need a play-making tight end, a guy who can threaten the seam and help open space for Odell Beckham Jr. and Sterling Shepard. Let’s hope they resolve to get one.

Your thoughts, Giants fans?