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Mike Sullivan: “I strongly disagree” with Colin Kaepernick’s protest

Giants’ offensive coordinator played, coach at Army

NFL: Preseason-San Francisco 49ers at San Diego Chargers
Colin Kaepernick’s protests have drawn protests.
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New York Giants’ offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan both played and coached at Army. So, it can’t be a surprise that Sullivan said “I strongly disagree” with the method of protest chosen by San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick has been sitting or kneeling during the playing of the anthem prior to games.

“I have very, very strong feelings about the National Anthem. What is means, the liberty, the freedom and, most importantly, all those who have served and those who are serving and those who will serve who provide us with that freedom. That freedom comes at a price and I think the important thing that is often lost and maybe recently is lost is that the military is not just the military; they are fathers, they are mothers, they are sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, so there is a face to them and they need to be respected and they need to be appreciated,” Sullivan said.

New coach Ben McAdoo has had the Giants lining up single file on the boundary for the playing of the anthem. He also had Sullivan address the team about its meaning prior to the season.

“The major point, if you will, based upon my experiences, is how much it means to the men and women in uniform to know that their heroes, the professional football players, are going to take those couple minutes, because it is not about politics, it is just about showing appreciation and respect for those who paid the ultimate sacrifice and for those who are allowing individuals to express their opinions,” Sullivan said. “Certainly that individual is free to have his views and he is bringing awareness to some important issues, but what I strongly disagree with is the method at that time when there are so many who have sacrificed so much that ought to be respected and honored during that time.”

Final thoughts

My own view is that Kaepernick has every right to protest whatever he wants. I don’t like his chosen method, but one of the great things about this country is that I don’t have to. I ask that if you choose to comment on this post that you try to keep it respectful.