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Giants-Redskins, Post-game Quotebook: First loss leads to saddening locker room

The New York Giants react to their crushing loss.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

First loss of the season is always the hardest but to come in such a heartbreaking fashion makes it that much worse. The players of course are not going to take this well after having this game in their hands. Let us see how the team reacted.

Standard answers after a tough loss by the leadership from this team. However, this team needs to take this to heart instead of saying the right words. It has been said this entire season that the Giants have to take care of the ball but they've yet to follow their own advice.

However, Beckham gave his own set of answers to this loss.

Clearly, the Giants are not taking this loss well. It will be a thing to keep an eye out for as they were not able to respond well after these losses after last year.