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Giants-Redskins final score: Giants blow the game 29-27

Giants lose a heartbreaker.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

New year but the New York Giants still are used to inducing heartbreak by blowing the game 29-27 to the Washington Redskins. Of course, what was on everyone's mind was how Odell Beckham Jr. and Josh Norman would play after their scuffle from last year's game. But this rivalry was only one of many factors in this matchup.

The Giants had points given to them from the very beginning. During a punt attempt, the Redskins failed to recover the ball after touching it leading to a turnover. Shane Vereen scored his first touchdown of the season not too long after as the 12:18 mark of the game. The Giants took control of this game early as they scored touchdowns and the defense only let up field goals.

But things started to unravel. DeSean Jackson scored a 44 yard touchdown. The offense was giving up turnovers and stupid penalities. Weston Richburg was been ejected with two personal fouls -- the latter for attacking Josh Norman. The Giants were very aggressive against the Redskins by going after them after the play. They had over 100 yards in penalty yards and in a close game, every yard mattered.

Beckham had a superb day with over 100 yards, with many of those yards against Norman. Ultimately it didn't matter in the end.

Moments that mattered

Redskins fumble the punt: After an early three-and-out from the Giants offense, the first "touch" by the Redskins on the punt return cost them seven points. This set the momentum up early for the Giants.

Sterling Shepard's touchdown: The Giants have been somewhat struggling to score touchdowns to start the year, but this pass by Eli Manning was on point for Shepard's second of the year. The second round rookie looks like a ten year veteran with his adept route running. Shepard's early successes has been nothing short of amazing for the Giants.

Jamison Crowder's return: After a line-drive punt by Brad Wing, the ball bounced to the opposing 20 yard line and all looked good. However a bunch of missed tackles by the Giants led to a 52 yard return by Crowder -- deep into Giants territory. If it was not such a dominating defensive performance, this moment could have been a lot worse.

DeSean Jackson's 44-yard touchdown: This was a weird series. After dominating all day the Giants gave up back to back big passing plays to Jackson. On the first pass, Cousins could have even had a long touchdown to Pierre Garcon who burned Janoris Jenkins. Instead, he chose Jackson for a 30 yard pass. The very next play -- 44 yards for a touchdown. Ugly series.

TURNOVERS: You know what else is ugly? The huge amount of missed opportunities again by the offense has to be a concern. Shane Vereen lost a fumble again. Eli Manning had a key interception near the endzone. Manning was very close to getting intercepted on a fourth quarter drive that led to a field goal. The offense has moved the ball at ease, but they have been ugly at everything else. Speaking of missed opportunities...

Romero Okwara's blocked punt...called back: In a beautiful rush to the kicker, UDFA Okwara blocked a punt that ended up at the Redskins 20. Except it was called back because Andrew Adams had a late hit on a Redskin. Instead of having the ball at the endzone, it became a re-kick.

Eli Manning throws game ending pick: The Giants were moving the ball well so naturally the Giants have to stop themselves. Eli Manning was off all day with interceptions or near interceptions all game. After staring down Shane Vereen late in the fourth quarter, Manning was picked off to end the game.