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Manning advises Odell: "Just go play football"

Eli Manning speaks to the press.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Ever since Josh Norman left the Carolina Panthers and joined the Washington Redskins, fans have been eagerly awaiting his first matchup with the New York Giants. Following last year's debacle between Norman and Odell Beckham, a lot has been said about Beckham's fiery hot passion and competitiveness. With the Giants preparing for the Redskins for Sunday, Eli Manning has some advice on what Beckham should do.

"Just go play football," Manning said. "That’s what the whole team is doing. We have a job to go out there. Everyone is trying to do their assignment and their job at a high level. That goes for him, Victor, me, offensive line. We all have to play at a high level and worry about doing our job.

Some fans are concerned whether Norman can take Beckham out of his game by getting inside his head. Manning does not seem to be worried.

"He wants to keep this about football," Manning said. "It’s about going out there and doing our jobs. I know he wants to get in the end zone, score and be a big part of this offense. He played well last week and I think he’ll play well again this week."

While Norman has received criticism for not "shadowing" the best wide receivers, Norman has done his job in shutting down anyone in his path. Manning offers some insight to their strategy is against the opposing secondary.

"We have to pick our routes against him [Norman] carefully," Manning said. "We’ll see what their game plan is with him. Whether they’re going to move him around or keep him on the right side...He seemed to follow around Dez a little bit more, especially in the second half of that game. He’s a good player. He’s a physical player. You have to understand the matchup and study all the good players. Just know how to deal with that. We still have to run our offense." (Reports are that Norman will shadow Beckham)

Of course, the best remedy for attacking a top corner is with strength in numbers. Manning speaks glowingly about his receiving corps which is the basis of his confidence.

"It’s good to have weapons," Manning said. "Receivers have done a good job of making plays. Tight ends, running backs, everybody. We have a lot of guys that we can get involved in the passing game. We should have an answer depending on whatever the defense wants to do. It’s good when you have guys you can depend on. A lot of them were my first or second reads, so they’re getting open in a fast and timely fashion. That makes my job a lot easier."