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Josh Brown: “Nothing to say” about suspension, allegations

After hitting game-winner, kicker says he is “moving on.”

New Orleans Saints v New York Giants
Josh Brown’s game-winning kick.
Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Josh Brown kicked the game-winning field for the New York Giants on Sunday, a chip-shot 23-yarder. He also said “It felt great. It’s good to be back” from his one-game suspension and that Sunday was “a big day” for him.

The swarm of media around Brown’s locker post game, though, wasn’t really interested in his reaction to the kick or the machinations of the game winner. They were interested in grilling Brown about his one-game suspension, about the domestic violence allegations from his former wife alleging more than 20 instances of abuse.

Brown listened to the barrage of questions, and added nothing new to the story.

“I have nothing to say about it. Literally nothing. My family and I have moved on,” Brown said. “My concern is my children and that’s it. Everything that I said prior to the day my suspension came out is all I am going to say.”

He continued to insist that the situation stemmed from “a single moment, an act” and added that he has “not one thing” to say to fans, the media, or anyone else about it.

“I have absolutely nothing to say about what has transpired or the suspension,” Brown said. “I went through the process as I was allowed. That was their decision. I accept the responsibility. Onward and upward. We have 14 games to go. “

Brown said he has “no comment” for anyone who believes the Giants should have cut ties with him.

“Everyone has an opinion and they’re allowed to have that,” Brown said.

The veteran kicker added that “there’s nothing I can do” to change the opinions of people who believe he shouldn’t be on the team.

“I continue to work, continue to try and be as I’ve been in the last couple of years. This is nothing new to me, it’s just new to everyone else. I tried to do the best that I knew how to just continue to work with my teammates and continue to concentrate on football. That was the main thing. Just continue to be in a position to play well,” Brown said.

“My focus is this team and kicking balls through the uprights. This is not news to me. None of this stuff is news to me. I’ve continued to play well here. I will continue to play well here. I’m moving on, as I always have. I’m going to continue to kick as I always have. That’s my focus.”

Brown said his interactions with fans on Sunday were positive.

“I have not heard one negative comment,” he said. “It’s been great. I came today like I normally do. Signed autographs like I normally do. There’s been nothing. I’m moving on.”