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New York Giants news, 9/14: Jonathan Casillas lauds Giants’ resiliency

Thoughts from Casillas, Eli Manning in this morning’s headlines

New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Jonathan Casillas didn’t come right and say it. The New York Giants’ defensive captain, though, hinted on Tuesday at something Giants’ fan probably agree with. Sunday’s 20-19 victory over the Dallas Cowboys is a game the Giants probably would have lost a year ago.

“We were resilient,” Casillas said. “I felt like we were a resilient group and not at one time did I feel that at any point of the game that we doubted that we were going to win the game, even though we were down late in the game. Heading into the fourth and in the fourth quarter, I didn’t feel like there was any doubt from anyone on the team, offense or defense and I don’t know if I can say the same about last year.”

The Giants, 6-10 a year ago, made a habit last season of losing late-game leads by either failing to get defensive stops or making critical offensive or time-management blunders.

Casillas said there were “a lot of positives” in Sunday’s defensive performance.

“It took us a while to adjust because you don’t know --- number one, it was the first game of the year, number two, you have a new running back, a new, young, top 10 draft pick running back and a young quarterback who is a mobile quarterback and is different from the starter that was previously there for the last decade or whatever Romo has been there for,” Casillas said. “So it took us a while to kind of settle down and understand what they were trying to do to us and attack us and I feel like we kind of ironed it out as the game unfolded.”

Eli optimistic about offense

Eli Manning saw lots of things to be optimistic about from the offense on Sunday.

“We ran the ball well, which is great. The offensive line gave me good protection. Guys are winning some one-on-one matchups. I saw a lot of good,” Manning said. “Came out, didn’t get off to a fast start. Next two drives, came down, scored, had a two-minute drive, scored which is great. In the third quarter we weren’t playing really well, but when we needed a touchdown we got down, were able to come together, make some good plays and score. Scored a touchdown in the green zone and the red zone. Just have to build on all those things.”

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