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Giants’ Color Rush jersey will feature classic white throwback look

Big Blue goes old school for Color Rush

Forget about the New York Giants wearing some gaudy, eye-hurting color like bright red when it is their turn to wear a “Color Rush” jersey this season. In typical style for a conservative franchise, the Giants have chosen an all-white look for their “Color Rush” uniform this season.

Color Rush jerseys debuted last season in four Thursday Night Football games, to commemorate 50 years of NFL games being broadcast in color. The games featured opposing teams wearing one-color matching jerseys.

The Giants Thursday night appearance this week will be Dec. 22 against the Philadelphia Eagles.

The uniforms are basically 1980s throwback jerseys.

“This is something that the Giants have been waiting for,” said Equipment Director Joseph Skiba. “A modern update of a timeless ‘80s era.”

You can watch the full reveal, featuring Giants legend Carl Banks, on

“This jersey is just so classic,” an obviously passionate Banks said in the reveal.

For my $.02, that white 1980s look is the best uniform the Giants have ever worn. I will love seeing it again.