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What they’re saying: Giants continue to react to 20-19 victory over Dallas Cowboys

McAdoo: “We talk about just finding a path to victory. It all doesn’t have to look great.”

New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Good morning, New York Giants fans! It’s a happy day after Sunday’s 20-19 victory over the Dallas Cowboys. Let’s continue the celebration by looking at more of the locker room reaction following the game.

Ben McAdoo

On finding a way to win:

“They hung in there. We talk about just finding a path to victory. It all doesn’t have to look great. There are a bunch of different ways you can find it. They hung in there and did that this afternoon.”


On the game-ending stop by the defense:

“It was great to see the defense get a stop there at the end. They battled all night. They played a lot of plays tonight and they fought through it.”

Eli Manning

On winning the game:

“This is big. Big win for this team and the guys that were here last year. Almost a year ago today in the same spot, we had a chance to win and couldn’t pull it out. We were down and to score from an offensive standpoint to take the lead, and then for our defense to get two more stops and hold on to that lead, it’s big for this team moving forward. It’s a big help.”


On the touchdown pass to Victor Cruz:

“They had pretty good coverage. Victor kind of just did his deal. Probably felt he was covered, saw me moving around the pocket and just found the open window. Kept on the move, kept alive. That’s what he does well. He might get a minus on the actual route, because he’s technically not supposed to do what he did, but we’ll worry about that later. It’s a minus, good job, good touchdown. Sometimes that happens in football.”

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

DRC discussing the game’s final play:

“I was telling myself that I can’t let him get out of bounds. They had the play designed. I was just straddling the sidelines hoping that he didn’t come that way.”

Landon Collins

On closing out the game:

“It was outstanding. It shows us how capable we are and what we’ve become. It shows how much work we’ve put in through the offseason, and the OTA’s. It shows that we are capable of making those stops. You can put the game on our shoulders and we’ll make sure they don’t score.”