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Victor Cruz: Game-winning TD in return "a beautiful thing"

Victor Cruz talks about getting to salsa in his return to action.

Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

It was a storybook finish for the New York Giants on Sunday afternoon against their hated rivals in the Dallas Cowboys. Having been a thorn on the Cowboys' side to begin his career, it seems only fitting that he would catch a game-winning touchdown after going over 700 days without playing a game. As such, Victor Cruz was feeling a wave of emotions, especially after being able to salsa once more in the end zone.

"Just elated, man," Cruz said. "Just in that moment -- just couldn't even describe what was going through my body. Just wanted to obviously do the dance and make sure I got that down pat and to celebrate with my teammates."

It was a hard-fought duel for the entirety of the game. There were severalf lead changes and the Giants found themselves down in begin the fourth quarter. Cruz was able to haul in a clutch touchdown that ended up being the game winning catch. He could only use one word to describe how he was feeling.

"Fantastic," Cruz said. "I mean, to catch a pass in the end zone, in the fourth quarter to put us ahead is always a beautiful thing. For Coach McAdoo, he's done a tremendous job putting us in the right positions and giving us the right words and having our energy levels in the right place to win the game."

Despite not having had much practice these past two seasons, Cruz said he could never forget the salsa.

"Doing the dance, man, it's in the blood," Cruz said. "So it doesn't go anywhere, it's just like riding a bike. But it was good to get in there, it was good to just be able to score for my team and be held accountable for the things I did -- not only for the touchdown, but pretty much all day today. It felt great."

It felt great for New York Giants fans everywhere, too.