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Jason Pierre-Paul feels good after physical practices

Pierre-Paul says damaged hand “feels like my left hand, just missing a couple fingers.”

Jason Pierre-Paul continues to clear hurdles in his bid to prove that he can return to being a dominant player despite his permanently disfigured right hand. The New York Giants defensive end made it through several physical practices last week, including a two-hour, 20-minute session on Saturday. Pierre-Paul even scooped and scored on a fumble during Saturday’s practice.

After Saturday’s practice, Pierre-Paul was asked about his hand.

“What do you think? I’m out there running and banging people, so I feel good,” he said. “My hand feels like my left hand, just missing a couple fingers.”

The final challenge for Pierre-Paul will come when needs to use his damaged hand to make a tackle during a real game, which is pretty much the only thing he has yet to do.

“Right now we’re just thudding up and letting them go, getting in a position to make tackles. There’s nothing like the real thing,” Pierre-Paul said.

Let’s briefly look at some of the other Giants-related headlines this morning.

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Michael Irvin — Giants’ receivers “dangerous” (NY Post)

“Could be dangerous,’’ Irvin told The Post recently. “Could be dangerous. They got a guy who can throw it and with [Ben] McAdoo, they got a guy who wants to call it and put his stamp on the Giants. You see, the Giants have always won with tough run and also pass. McAdoo open up New York? Do you know what happens if you open up New York? And he wins by opening up New York? Oh my God.’’

Giants are actually healthy for a change (ESPN)

Cross your fingers. Knock on wood. Bring the four-leaf clover to the Quest Diagnostics Center until the Sept. 11 opener against the Dallas Cowboys. The Giants can only hope this relatively clean injury report remains that way.

“We're early. we're early,” McAdoo said. “ Don't jinx me.”

For Devon Kennard, it’s all in the details (Newsday)

The Giants’ linebacker tells Tom Rock about his color-coded note-taking system and how he hopes it will help him become a better player.

Giants still haven’t see the old Victor Cruz (ESPN)

Cruz lined up against Eli Apple, the Giants' first-round draft pick and an exciting player himself. The two went at it twice in the drill.

On the first rep, Cruz slowly pushed toward the corner of the end zone. Apple stayed with him and then jumped over Cruz's shoulder to knock down the pass.

One the second, Cruz made a decent inside cut, but Apple wasn't fooled and left quarterback Eli Manning with the tiniest of windows to throw. The ball was low and Cruz couldn't snag it.

An optimist would say that Apple more than held his own against an experienced veteran who caught 241 passes in three full seasons before his injury.

A cynic would say Cruz looked slow and hesitant.

As a realist, I'd say Cruz didn't show the traits of a dynamic playmaker in that drill and, based on others' observations, at any other time this summer.