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Facebook Live debut, and answers to some leftover questions

Listen to, and look at me, if you dare

NFL: New York Giants-OTA
Anthony Dable
Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

In an effort to continue expanding the ways in which we can make our content, opinions and analysis available to you, I did my first “Facebook Live” Q&A Friday afternoon. You can watch it on our Facebook page.

There were tons of questions in there about the offensive line, particularly the right tackle position. I have answered questions about that in a variety of formats, but it remains a topic of conversation.

Looking back at the comments and questions that were received, there are a few worthwhile questions I did not get to. Let’s try to address some of those now.

Anthony Bellaro Are there any veteran free agents out there that you think would be worth signing? Even as depth.

Ed says: Remember that rosters are currently at 90 players. They have to be trimmed to 53 before the season starts. There will be a lot of useful players who become available. Will the Giants pick any of them up? We just have to wait and see, but I would think they would add a couple of players.

Craig Ward I find myself looking for progression of Anthony Dablé and will he make on the team.

Ed says: A number of young, undrafted wide receivers have been very impressive throughout camp. Dable, the French-born receiver, hasn’t been one of them. He has had a very quiet camp. Roger Lewis, Tavarres King and Darius Powe are probably all ahead of him at this point.

Dwayne Bigga Roach Do you think they can get better in the run game without changes to the O-line?

Ed says: Yes, I do. Ereck Flowers should be better in his second season and that will help. Remember, too, that the run game isn’t just about the five offensive linemen. It’s about the fullback, where the Giants were inexperienced last year, and the tight ends, where the Giants didn’t have good blocking a year ago. Both of those areas should be better this time around, especially with the presence of H-Back Will Johnson. Trimming the running back rotation, which it sounds like the Giants plan to do, should also help.

Quastill Winning Why haven't we seen Bobby Hart with the 1s

Ed says: The Giants say that Hart is competing with Marshall Newhouse for the starting right tackle job, but they certainly have not acted that way. Hart has gotten no “live” reps with the first team, only a handful during “walk-through” portions of practice. That tells you something very simple — right now the Giants do not see Hart as a better option than Newhouse at right tackle. Hart has to prove to them that he deserves the chance, and right now it appears he has not done that.