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Giants' Ben McAdoo given 33-1 odds of being Coach of the Year

Check out the web site's odds for Coach of the Year.

William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the modern sports world, where there are gambling odds for just about anything. Today, the online gambling web site Bovada, has released their odds on how likely each head coach will be awarded the Coach of the Year award. Bruce Arians of the Arizona Cardinals leads the way with his odds listed at 15/2. However, the rookie head coach of the New York Giants does not have bad odds himself. Ben McAdoo has his odds listed as 33/1.

What is more interesting is seeing how the rest of his peers are judged as well. While the other rookie head coaches such as Adam Gase and Doug Pederson have the same odds as him, McAdoo is ranking as highly -- or even better -- than a lot of established coaches. Jason Garrett, Gary Kubiak and Sean Payton also have their odds set at 33/1. Coaches such as Chip Kelly or Rex Ryan have even worse odds, being listed at 50/1. Rounding out the bottom includes the likes of Dan Quinn of the Atlanta Falcons and Hue Jackson of the Cleveland Browns with 66/1 odds each.

Right now there is optimism for Ben McAdoo and the other new coaching regimes in the league. Let us see if it translate into winning games.