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What happens if Victor Cruz has a setback Saturday night?

This week’s BBV mailbag includes that question and several others

NFL: Preseason-Miami Dolphins at New York Giants Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s while away some of the time until Saturday night’s 7:30 p.m. ET kickoff between the New York Giants and New York Jets

Ed says: Personally? I have no patience left. If he can’t get through one game or get to the start of the season healthy enough to play, how can you justify giving him a roster spot? The Giants made the mistake last year of waiting ... and waiting ... and waiting for a guy who never showed up. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. Everyone, myself included, would like to see him succeed.

Ed says: Sure there’s a chance. I think it would be an upset, but you never know what can happen. Bullock is an accomplished NFL kicker and he is 11 years younger.

Ed says: The backup strong safety for Collins? That has to be Nat Berhe. At this point I’m not sure who else is making the roster. I think that is yet to be determined.

Kevin Schmidt asks: I'm sure I'm not the first to ask, but I just read a report about teams talking to Cleveland about Gordon. Any chance the Giants are one of them? I'd easily give up a couple draft picks like maybe a second round one year and a 4th round the next year. Putting Gordon on one side, Beckham on the other and Shepard in the slot. If the line could figure out how to block for 3 seconds the Giants could set scoring records. And you might even be able to trade Cruz to someone else for that 4th round pick back. Although, that's probably wishful thinking. Or maybe convince Cleveland to take Cruz in the trade. Get rid of his salary and let someone else figure out how to get him on the field. Maybe a team that has a halfway decent training staff that doesn't constantly lose players to season ending injuries like the Giants.Am I setting the value for Gordon too low? Or too high? Seeing as how he could end up out of the league any moment. Also would the Giants be willing to deal with his crap? I know organization tends to avoid his type of baggage.

Ed says: Why, Kevin? Why would you want this headache? The guy hasn’t played since the middle of the 2014 season. Talent isn’t enough. Smart teams don’t go out of there way to add problems to their roster. And what makes you think anyone would actually trade for Cruz? Even the Browns aren’t that crazy. Oh, and yes you were the first to ask.

John Massey asks: Not sure if this was asked ... I always figured that Eli needs a go to TE. The Giants also want a guy that blocks. Do we have that guy? What about LaCosse?

Ed says: The Giants like Matt LaCosse. He has a varied skill set. The problem is he can’t seem to stay healthy. They waived him injured last year, brought him back and now he’s hurt again. You can’t be the guy if you can’t get on the field. The Giants are hoping Will Tye becomes the all-around guy they’d like. Farther down the line, let’s see if Jerell Adams develops.

Ed says: What defensive ends are you talking about? No one is going to trade for an undrafted free agent like Romeo Okwara who has never played an NFL down. The best bet for finding any offensive line help is to see which players get cut by other teams, and try to claim somebody off waivers.

Ed says: If there was anybody out there “worth it” or better than Nassib right now, they wouldn’t still be unemployed. Here is a list of the available free agent quarterbacks. Do you really want any of those guys? Maybe somebody becomes available when roster cuts are made, but my belief is that upgrading at backup QB right now is not a high priority for the Giants.

NOTE: I answered more questions Friday in a short ‘Facebook Live” session. Some difficulty during that with the feed, which is why it was cut short. For anyone who tried to watch I will make an effort to find a spot with a better signal next time.