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Fans aren’t the only ones rooting for Victor Cruz

Teammates are, and so is LeBron James

NFL: New York Giants-Training Camp William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

We forget sometimes that players and coaches at the professional level can sometimes turn into fans, as well. Saturday’s expected return to action by Victor Cruz of the New York Giants has brought out the fan in players, coaches and stars from other sports.

Eli Manning

I’m excited for him. He’s a long time teammate and friend. I know what he’s been through and I know it’s been a tough road these last two years. I know he wants to be out there so I’m excited for him to have that possibility. Obviously it’s preseason, it would be nice to get him out there but when it comes to the regular season to get him some action, some catches, a touchdown, that would be special.

Odell Beckham

Just seeing him back out there catching some balls, bursting a little bit. It feels good. It feels right. ... t’s great to see Vic back out there. He’s been through quite a lot.

Rashad Jennings

It will be fun. Look, what would you feel like? Aren’t you excited to see him play too? Everybody is asking because you are excited. Well listen, I am human just like you all. I want to see it too. That is my teammate, that is someone who is explosive, who changes the game and is going to be a big part of this offense and this team, so of course we want him out there. ...

It is fun to see him out there. Eight-Oh is a guy you can’t replace. He brings a type of energy to the field that nobody else can. He is explosive, he is fast, he can catch, he does everything that you want from a receiving standpoint and he is a good leader, so having him back out there on the field is going to make a difference. He is a big part of this offense.