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New York Giants news, 8/26: Starters could play into third quarter vs. Jets

McAdoo talks playing time, more headlines

NFL: Preseason-New York Giants at Buffalo Bills
Olivier Vernon
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Starters will likely play more than half the game for the New York Giants when they face the New York Jets on Saturday night in the annual preseason MetLife Bowl.

“As a general proposition, we would like to take our starters into early in the third quarter,” coach Ben McAdoo said on Thursday. “We will evaluate it at halftime and see how it goes, and then different guys based off of where they are physically. We may give a little bit more or give a little bit less, too.”

“Snacks” doesn’t hate his former team

Damon Harrison signed with the Giants as a free agent after four seasons with the Jets. He still considers some of his former teammates “family.”

“I don't hate them at all, I don't hate too many teams in the league,” Harrison said. “It's just a game, it'll be fun to get out there and play with my former teammates and some guys I consider family.”

Adam Henry: “Different” with Beckham now

Giants’ wide receivers coach Adam Henry was also Odell Beckham’s position coach at LSU.

“He's a little different. Of course, New York, the media. It's just things are different,” Henry said on Thursday. “There are receivers that I've coached at LSU that are at some other places, so he's different because of the NFL and the things he's done so far. So of course, he's grown as a person. At LSU, everything was so enclosed, and being in college, going to class or back. Even though, LSU football is a big deal, it was just a little different.”

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