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Victor Cruz takes big step toward playing on Saturday

Wide receiver impresses teammates in return to full practice

It was only one practice, the first full one for Victor Cruz since he suffered a groin injury two weeks ago. It was, however, a huge step forward as Cruz, who has missed 26 straight regular-season games, with a torn patella tendon and a calf injury, has reached the 11th hour in his effort to prove he can be an effective wide receiver for the New York Giants.

Hopeful teammates liked what they saw.

General manager Jerry Reese said at the beginning of training camp that Cruz “has to get some game snaps” to show he is ready to play once again.

“He hasn’t played in a couple years, so it is still --- we are hoping for the best and I believe he will make it, I really do,” Reese said at the time. “I believe he will make it and be a contributor.”

Cruz is running out of time to prove to the Giants he can do that. Saturday’s preseason game against the New York Jets will be the third, and probably the last time regulars play any significant snaps.

We still don’t know if Reese’s optimism will be rewarded. For one day, though, Cruz made it look possible.