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JPP on Josh Brown: “Why should we cut him?”

Pierre-Paul states support for placekicker

There are some fans and media members pushing for the New York Giants to cut placekicker Josh Brown in the wake of his domestic violence arrest and an investigation into other alleged incidents of physical abuse against his now ex-wife. Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul stood firmly in support of Brown on Monday.

“Why should we cut him? Every guy needs a chance,” Pierre-Paul said when asked if he was surprised Brown had not yet been cut.

“Who knows, you weren't there,” Pierre-Paul added when asked about the accusations against Brown.

As for the locker room reaction to Brown’s suspension, Pierre-Paul indicated it wasn’t an issue.

“Nothing has been talked about. It is what it is. I think he's suspended one game. It doesn't matter, we're all family around here. People have their own problems to handle.,” Pierre-Paul said. “He's still our brother and we look past it. We going to need him. Every player, we're going to need them.”