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Mailbag: Trades, training camp, roster moves among questions

Let’s see what’s on your mind as the Giants roll into their second preseason game

NFL: New York Giants-Training Camp
With training camp over, there is no more access to practice for fans.
William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

Yours truly did a “Facebook Live” chat earlier this week. If you missed it and you want to go back and watch, please click the link. I didn’t get to answer every question that was asked, so let’s use a “Big Blue View Mailbag” to get to some additional questions.

Some of what is answered below comes from the chat. Other questions were e-mailed to

Jeffrey Itell asks: Unlike the previous four years, the Giants appear to have excess "potential" talent at several positions: running back, tight end, and maybe corner/safety. I've noted several teams (the Lions, for example) picking up "Brandon Merriweathers" to fill key roster positions. So do you think there's a chance that the Giants can pull off a trade of surplus to bolster weak positions, especially the offensive line?

Ed says: If the Giants remain healthy they might have a player or two who could interest other teams. There is always a chance based on the needs of other teams and how they evaluate the “roster bubble” players on the Giants.

Mike Rosenberger asks: What exactly changes with the official “end of training camp”? Clearly, the players don’t stop practicing and meeting with their position coaches. Is it just that during “camp” the players are staying at a team hotel, and that some of the practices are open to the public, and now those features of camp are over?

Ed says: Well, not as much as used to change when the Giants traveled for training camp. When they were training in Albany, camp was clearly a different experience. They packed up, left New Jersey and stayed in dorm rooms at UAlbany for three weeks. Now, the biggest differences are that fans can no longer attend and players get to go home at night. Practices change somewhat, too, as teams prep for games. Right now, media can still watch full practices. Once the final preseason game is played that will stop and reporters will only get to see the first few minutes of practice.

Jason Carvalho asks: Is next years starting rb on this roster, if Jennings is done next year?

Ed says: Could be. The Giants drafted Paul Perkins, and he could be the long-term guy. It could still be Andre Williams. It might even be Orleans Darkwa.

Anthony Bellaro asks: Any veteran free agents out there that you think are a good fit for our roster?

Ed says: Rosters are at 90 players right now. I think we have to wait and see what happens when cuts begin. Teams will trim to 75 players after the third preseason game and then 53 for the regular season. When those cuts are made is when some quality veteran players will become available.

Nicholas Marzulla asks: Do u think WR Dable makes the final roster?

Ed says: What to do with French wide receiver Anthony Dable is shaping up to be a difficult decision for the Giants. Dable did little to distinguish himself in the spring and early in training camp. He has, however, been showing signs of improvement recently. I have my doubts that Dable can make the 53-man roster and I think the Giants would like to get him to the practice squad. The tricky part is they have to pass him through waivers first, meaning another team could claim him and add him to their 53-man roster. It’s a risk.