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Breaking down Ryan Nassib’s tough night, throw-by-throw

Where did it all go wrong?

Miami Dolphins v New York Giants
Ryan Nassib looks to pass against the Dolphins.
Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

We already dumped on New York Giants quarterback Ryan Nassib today, calling his performance on Friday night against the Miami Dolphins “atrocious” and handing him a “Wet Willie.”

“I didn’t do a good job protecting the ball tonight at all and there’s definitely going to be some stuff we need to work on and me personally, especially,” Nassib said after the game. “Those turnovers are unacceptable.”

Let’s go throw-by-throw and see where things went wrong for the fourth-year backup.


First quarter

14:05 (2nd and 7, NYG 34) — Screen pass to Shane Vereen for six yards.

Not a lot to see here. Nassib does a nice job selling this and turning to Vereen at the last second.

13:33 (3rd and 1, NYG 40) — Quick throw to Geremy Davis for 5 yards and a first down.

Nice throw here. Low where only Davis could make the play.

12:14 (1st and 10,MIA 36) — Nassib misses Sterling Shepard on a post route at the goal line.

This should have been a touchdown, or at least first-and-goal inside the 5-yard line. Shepard beat the coverage to the inside and Nassib simply air-mailed this one.

11:06 (3rd and 6, MIA 32) — Twenty-four yard completion to Shepard.

This completion is all Shepard. Nassib, sliding in the pocket to avoid pressure, is a touch late delivering this ball. Shepard makes a diving catch.

7:17 (1st and 10, NYG 43) — Incomplete for Davis, short left.

This is a quick out that was knocked away by a Miami defender. Tough to tell if Nassib was late or if Davis gave away this route, but the corner was all over it.

4:23 (1st and 10, NYG 48) — Nassib sacked and fumbles, but recovers

Under duress with the second offensive line in it looked like Nassib tried to pull the ball down and run, but lost it. Fortunately, he recovered it.

4:02 (2nd and 13, NYG 45) — Complete to Will Tye for 15 yards.

This is a dumpoff where Tye got most of the yardage after the catch. Play wiped out by a penalty on left tackle Byron Stingily.

3:39 (2nd and 18, NYG 40) — Nassib for Tye over the middle, incomplete.

Not a good throw here. Nassib didn’t get the ball over a linebacker, who knocked it down. That was actually fortunate, since there was another defender in front of Tye who likely would have had an easy interception.

1:57 (1st and 5, MIA 6) — Incomplete to Davis, short left.

Back shoulder throw on which Davis was interfered with. Well-placed by Nassib.

1:52 (1st and 1, MIA 1) — Nassib and Brett Jones mess up the exchange.

No idea whose fault here, but it can’t happen.

:37 (3rd and 2, MIA 2) — Incomplete to Shepard in the end zone.

Shepard gets a little space on a corner route, but the ball was short. Not a good throw, and disappointing since Nassib works on this throw before every game.

Second Quarter

9:54 (2nd and 4, NYG 24) — Nassib to Davis for 16 yards.

This is a well-time slant route. Nassib hits Davis in stride.

8:21 (3rd and 5, NYG 45) — Deep ball for Shepard intercepted by Brian McCain.

Nassib throws this ball short and too far to the inside. Shepard might have made this play if Nassib put the ball out to the sideline. The pocket was clean here, with Nassib facing no pressure.

4:48 (1st and 10, NYG 25) — Slant to Dwayne Harris for 11 yards.

This turned into a constant theme. Nassib would drill the quick throws inside the hash marks, but struggle to accurately throw the ball outside the numbers.

3:34 (2nd and 10, NYG 36) — A scrambling Nassib fumbles and former Giant Spencer Paysinger recovers.

Nassib was still behind the line of scrimmage when he fumbled, so perhaps he was still considering trying to throw. Still, he neither protected the ball nor showed any awareness of where the defenders were around him.

1:49 (3rd and 9, NYG 27) — Deep ball for Myles White intercepted.

White was pretty well covered here, but this is another deep ball outside the numbers that Nassib simply didn’t throw far enough. White had to slow up looking for the ball. If White can’t catch that one it has to be over his head and incomplete.

Third quarter

9:23 (2nd and 11, NYG 11) — Nine-yard completion to Roger Lewis.

Another well-thrown slant.

8:47 (3rd and 2, NYG 20) — Incomplete to Darius Powe, short left.

Another poorly thrown ball outside the numbers. The ball was way too far inside for Powe to reach.

1:03 (2nd and 6, NYG 23) — Dump off to Paul Perkins incomplete.

Not much to see, or say, here.

:54 (3rd and 6, NYG 23) — Four-yard pass to Perkins.

This might have gone for a first down had Nassib led Perkins to the outside. Instead, the running back has to reach back and can’t turn the corner to find the first down marker.

Final thoughts

Nassib threw the ball much better in-between the hash marks than he did outside them. There were several plays to be made on the outside, but Nassib just didn’t get the ball there. The lack of awareness or ball security when he was running around or pressured is also concerning.