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Fantasy Football: Join Big Blue View's official Yahoo! League

Addicted to the Giants AND fantasy football? Today is your lucky day.

It's finally almost!!!  The NFL preseason officially starts today, assuming they don't use hazardous paint on all the fields.  With the regular season less than a month away, it's time to get overcommitted and join too many fantasy leagues!!  Big Blue View will be hosting our own Yahoo! Fantasy Football league this year.  It will be a 12-team league, head-to-head weekly scoring, six teams make the playoffs, which will be played over NFL weeks 14-16.  We will also use a .5 PPR scoring format.  Their will be no buy-in, but I think we can cook up a nice prize for the champion. The link to the league is below:

If this league fills up quickly, please feel free to create additional Yahoo! leagues for BBV users, and post the sites in the comments section of this post.

Since most Giants fans I know are also degenerate fantasy players, we should have no trouble filling up multiple leagues. LET'S GO!!