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New York Giants defensive depth chart: Our view three days into camp

What we think the depth chart looks like with training camp underway

Darian Thompson
Darian Thompson
Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today we looked at the unofficial offensive depth chart for the New York Giants three days into training camp. Here now is a look at the unofficial defensive depth chart.

A couple of notes.

-- Don't worry about left and right defensive tackles. I just wanted to show that right now Greg Milhouse is in the top four players at the position.

-- The cornerback chart is skewed a little because it does not include a slot cornerback designation.

Pos Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4 Player 5
LDE Pierre-Paul, Jason Odighizuwa, Owamagbe Maponga, Stansly
LDT Hankins, Johnathan Milhouse Jr, Greg Nix III, Louis Cudjo, Jermelle
RDT Harrison, Damon PUP Bromley, Jay PUP Hughes, Montori Coleman, Davon
RDE Vernon, Olivier Wynn, Kerry Rose, Mike Williams, Ishaq
SLB Kennard, Devon Herzlich, Mark Okwara, Romeo
MLB Brinkley, Jasper Robinson, Keenan Sheppard, Kelvin Goodson, B.J.
WLB Thomas, J.T. PUP Casillas, Jonathan Bars, Brad

LCB Rodgers-Cromartie, Dominique Apple, Eli McFadden, Leon Hunter, Michael Smalley, Matt
SS Collins, Landon Taylor, Cooper Currie, Justin Adams, Andrew
FS Thompson, Darian Berhe, Nat Jackson, Bennett Thompson, Mykkele
RCB Jenkins, Janoris Wade, Trevin Deayon, Donte Jacobs, Tramain