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New York Giants offensive depth chart: What we think it looks like

This is an unofficial look at how things stack up after the first few days of training camp.

William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

There is no official New York Giants depth chart. That, however, doesn't mean that after three days of training camp we can't make our own unofficial one as we try to get a picture of where things stand in the competitions for both starting jobs and roster spots.

Here is a look at where we believe the offense stands as of now.

Two things to note.

-- When it comes to the offensive line I really had no idea where to peg many of the guys competing for reserve roles. So, don't get crazy about that.

-- I put Will Johnson at fullback although he is really an H-Back/tight end. That's going to work itself out during the rest of camp and the preseason.

Pos Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4 Player 5
LWR Beckham Jr., Odell Harris, Dwayne White, Myles Lewis, Roger Boone, Kadron
RWR Shepard, Sterling Cruz, Victor Davis, Geremy King, Tavarres Dable, Anthony
RWR Powe, Darius Maye, K.J.
LT Flowers, Ereck Stingily, Byron Rodgers, Jake
LG Pugh, Justin Gettis, Adam Farrell, Dillon
C Richburg, Weston McDermott, Shane Jones, Brett
RG Jerry, John Cleary, Emmett
RT Newhouse, Marshall Hart, Bobby Seymour, Ryan
TE Tye, Will Donnell, Larry LaCosse, Matt Adams, Jerell Malleck, Ryan
QB Manning, Eli Nassib, Ryan Thomas, Logan
RB Jennings, Rashad Williams, Andre Vereen, Shane Darkwa, Orleans Coprich, Marshaun
RB Perkins, Paul Rainey, Bobby
FB Whitlock, Nikita Johnson, Will