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Jason Pierre-Paul: “My hand feels great”

Pierre-Paul expecting to be better than he was a season ago

New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul said matter-of-factly “I know so” when asked on Thursday if he thought he would be more effective this season that last, when he played eight games with a massive club on his mangled right hand.

“I was effective last year with a club,” Pierre-Paul said on the day Giants players reported for training camp.

Pierre-Paul will wear a specially made glove this season.

"I'm not worried about no club. My hand feels great,” he said. “Been training hard, been getting after it, I'm getting ready to play some football. The club is not going to be an issue."

Pierre-Paul, entering his seventh season, has often deferred in the past when the topic of him being a leader has arisen. He still said on Thursday that he is “not a vocal person,” but that he recognizes his role.

"I lead by example. Everybody sees it. I'm probably one of the hardest workers. I'm just out here trying to get right, trying to get to the playoffs, trying to help my team out,” Pierre-Paul said. "I'm a vet now. I can look in the locker room and tell and look and see that the younger guys are looking up to me. They won't say it, but you know."

For the Giants to get back to the playoffs they need Pierre-Paul to be a force on defense. Let’s hope his optimism ends up well-founded.