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Giants’ Landon Collins confident after “really difficult” rookie year

Safety says biggest issue last season was players not trusting the system

Crazy as it seems, after one year as a starting safety in the NFL Landon Collins is the veteran of the New York Giants safety group. As such, Collins said on Thursday that he expects a better performance from both himself and the defense as a whole.

"We have the skill, we have the ability, we have the coaching staff ... trust one another and definitely we could be up there,” Collins said.

"You don't think about it but you know that you were 32. Now you're just pushing to be top 10 at least."

Collins said he felt like with so many new faces and a new defensive coordinator last season that the players “didn’t trust the system.”

“We were all new to the system," Collins said. "The struggle that we had last year I don't see coming this year."

As for his own play, Collins admitted that starting all 16 games as a rookie was “really difficult,” but that he expects to be a far more certain player this time around.

"I'm tremendously confident just knowing the defense and knowing my position," Collins said. "I'm confident in my play-calling and play recognition helping out the whole defense."

"That year was really difficult to be thrown in there not fully knowing and not full trusting anything. Having that year under my belt is tremendous because you see things ... you can anticipate things and react 10 times faster."

If Collins is right about his own play and the Giants see more in his sophomore season of the heat-seeking missile they drafted out of Alabama that will go a long way toward making Collins right about the defense as a whole.