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Daniel Fells retirement: Ex-Giant makes it official

“I’m lucky to be alive”

Former New York Giants tight end Daniel Fells, whose NFL career came to an end last season when he contracted a life-threatening case of MRSA, officially announced his retirement Wednesday in a heartfelt Instagram post.

Here is part of what Fells wrote:

Although playing the game is no longer in the cards for me I'm grateful for the 10 year career that I was blessed to experience. Thank you all for the phone calls, text messages, emails and well wishes that I've gotten over the last few months. I'm working hard to accept my physical limitations and the mental struggles that go along with them. I know that I'm lucky to be alive so I'm determined to make the most of everyday that I have.

Best of luck to Fells in whatever he does from here on out. Forget football, he is still here for his family and that is what is important.