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Odell Beckham unveils his new emoji app

The Giants' receiver now has his own Emoji app

NJ Advance Media for TODAY Sports

Fans of the New York Giants have gotten used to superstar receiver Odell Beckham Jr. rewriting the record books. If there's a receiving record for a young player, odds are he has either broken it or threatens to break it soon.

But now OBJ gets to be "a first", the first NFL player to launch a personalized emoji app.

On the launch of his app, "Odell Moji", Beckham said " I’m so excited to launch my own app and be able to help fans elevate their emoji game."

The app advertises over 700 emojis, including "The Catch" against the Dallas Cowboys, and his trademark touchdown dances. So now after stuffing hundreds of candies into your Magikarp, you can celebrate it turning into a Gyrados with OBJ doing the whip.

It's almost a shame that Tom Coughlin is no longer the Giants head coach. I imagine his answer to the inevitable question at training camp would be something like "I spend two years trying to get him to stop dancing on the field, and now he's dancing on my phone! Who's he trying to impress? the nice lady in the phone who gives me directions?"