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Offensive line news: Phil Loadholt retires, Anthony Davis to un-retire

Another player retired before the age of 30, but yet another is returning from retirement. Could Anthony Davis be the upgrade at right tackle the Giants have been looking for?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

For everyone who wants the New York Giants to upgrade the right tackle position, the 2016 off-season has been torturous. A number that likely includes Jerry Reese.

In free agency, the Giants showed interest in Donald Penn and Russell Okung, but the two veteran left tackles opted to sign with teams that would allow them to to stay on the left side. In the draft, the Giants were (reportedly) very interested in Michigan State offensive tackle Jack Conklin, but the Tennessee Titans traded up to draft him ahead of the Giants.

Then during OTA's the Giants were reportedly in intense talks to trade for now former Baltimore Ravens offensive tackle Eugene Monroe. Those talks fell through and Monroe ultimately retired, citing neurological concerns.

The next name up on Giants fans' list was Minnesota Vikings' right tackle Phil Loadholt. Loadholt, however has decided to retire as well.

It seems the options to upgrade from Marshall Newhouse are getting fewer and worse. However, there might be a familiar, but previously unavailable, name entering the mix.

San Francisco 49ers right tackle Anthony Davis has officially begun the process of being reinstated to the NFL.

Davis retired after a disappointing and injured 2014 in which he sustained a concussion and started just seven games. But after sitting out a year, he appears to be anxious to get back into the NFL. This, however, doesn't make Davis a free agent. The 49ers still own his rights, and he would be under contract with the team.

So, if the Giants want to bring the 11th overall pick of the 2010 draft back home to New Jersey, they will likely have to part with players, draft picks, or some combination of both to pry him from San Francisco. If a trade even happens, how much it will cost might depend on Davis' desire to play for the team. He expressed dismay at the 49ers meeting with Chip Kelly for their head coaching decision, and at their selecting three offensive linemen in the 2016 draft.

All of this is academic at the moment, but it might open the door for the Giants to acquire a big upgrade to their offensive line.