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Most underrated Giant? CBS says it’s Weston Richburg

After two years, Richburg has become one of the league’s best centers

New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys
Weston Richburg
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

One day after naming Janoris Jenkins the New York Giants most overrated player, Pete Prisco of CBS Sports is back with a sunnier topic, the most underrated player. For the Giants, Prisco says that is center Weston Richburg.

Prisco writes:

He is the best center in New York now, ahead of Nick Mangold of the Jets, and one of the best in the league. Richburg, a former high-school quarterback, played guard as a rookie in 2014, but moved back to his college position of center last season and impressed. Here's a bet he goes to the Pro Bowl this season.

Prisco won’t get an argument from me on this one. Richburg showed last season that he will be a tremendous player. He is also becoming a leader, which you might expect for a center.

How about you, Giants fans? Any quibble with the selection of Richburg? Who else would you nominate?