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New York Giants news, 7/20: JPP sets sights on Romo, more headlines

Let';s check the headlines for your Wednesday morning.

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JPP can't wait to do this again
JPP can't wait to do this again
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Good morning, New York Giants fans! Let's start your day by checking some of the recent headlines about your favorite team.

JPP can't wait to sack Tony Romo

Who is Jason Pierre-Paul's favorite quarterback to sack?

"Tony Romo, because it's just something when you play the Dallas Cowboys," he said. "He's a good quarterback...I'm looking forward to playing him in the first game back."

Pierre-Paul gets his first shot Week 1.

No Eagles fan is touching Rashad Jennings

Giants running back Rashad Jennings had one of those moments recently where you have to make a quick decision. Giants' fans will say he made the right one.

Eli wants to get the ball down the field more

Giants quarterback Eli Manning recently told that he hopes to make more big plays down the field in the passing game during 2016.

According to Pro Football Focus, only 10.5 percent of Eli Manning’s passes traveled 20 yards or more in the air last season. Among quarterbacks with 49 or more attempts of that distance, it was the fourth-lowest percentage in the league. He was in the middle of that same group in terms of yards gained via those passes and accuracy. Manning only threw one interception on such passes, however, which tied for second-best in that same group.

"We have to throw it more and give our receivers a chance to make plays and catch the ball," Manning said. "It’s dependent on what the defense is doing, too. We’ve got to be able to find completions if they are going to play zone and play soft. Let’s force them to come press us up and be more aggressive, and then we can get our shots down the field. When we throw them, we’ve got to hit them."

For McAdoo, one thing hasn't changed

Former coach Tom Coughlin always used to say that while faces changed around the Giants expectations never did. The expectation, of course, was the Super Bowl. New coach Ben McAdoo has made some changes, but that goal remains the same. How will he define success?

"We put the fifth (Super Bowl) trophy in the case," he said, without hesitation. "Period. That's it. There's only one goal in this business."