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Giants update home uniforms: White replaces grey pants, black shoes

New uniforms!

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants have made the first significant change to their uniforms since they adopted the white-and-red away jersey in 2005. In an article published on earlier Monday, the team announced that it will now be sporting white pants with blue jerseys at home, and grey pants with white-and-red jerseys on the road.

The Giants have flip-flopped between grey and white pants for decades now and it is clearly the most changed item in the uniform's history. The Giants' logo and promotional colors never featured grey, but the grey pants date back to the team's inception when tan or grey was the acceptable choice for a player's lower half.

There appears to be no real reason behind the move, other than the fact that somebody in power must prefer the cleaner look given by the white pants. Personally, I'm all for it. The white pants are a clean look and really make the white details on the blue jerseys pop. The grey pants always felt a little muddied. However, this does mean the Giants become the fourth NFL team to currently use America's red-white-and-blue colors in their uniforms (New England Patriots, Buffalo Bills, Houston Texans).

In another move, equipment manager Joe Skiba confirmed via his private Twitter account that the team will also be switching their "dominant" shoe color from black to white. This is likely due to the adoption of the white pants full-time. The team may be trimming the color palette back a little to give an updated look for 2016. Players will still be allowed to have black appear on the shoe, but not as the majority color.

Add to this, the Giants (mandatory) participation in the "Color Rush" scheme against the Philadelphia Eagles later this year, and it looks like a new head coach won't be the only change on the field, let's just all keep our fingers that this isn't the first step in a full-blown Nike redesign.