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NFL reveals trio of historic New York Giants games to be on YouTube

You will be able to watch these at your leisure

No introduction necessary

The NFL has revealed the three historic New York Giants games that will air in their entirety on YouTube in the near future. The games, voted on by fans via Facebook, are as follows:

Super Bowl XLII -- Giants vs. Patriots (59%)

Classic Re-air. David Tyree catch.

This, of course, was the game in which the Giants knocked off the 18-0 New England Patriots. There were lots of other heroes in this one besides Tyree.

2007 NFC Championship Game -- Giants vs. Packers (17%)

Giants upset win at Lambeau. Cold weather game.

The Tyree catch never happens without this game.

Super Bowl XXV -- Giants vs. Bills (11%)

Norwood "wide right."

Poor Scott Norwood. He has to live with that miss, and this gives us even more reason to twist the knife just a bit.

The NFL said in its release that 96 games, three from each of the league’s 32 teams, will be uploaded to YouTube in August in conjunction with the beginning of the league’s preseason.