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Around SB Nation: Impact of Paul Perkins on Giants, more news

Let's see what else is being written about across the SB Nation football network

NFL: New York Giants-Rookie Minicamp
Paul Perkins
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Let's go Touring SB Nation today to see what the other fine football sites around the network are discussing.

SB Nation: Paul Perkins could shine for Giants

Our friends at the mothership have named fifth-round pick Paul Perkins among seven under-the-radar rookie running backs who could end up having a big impact in 2016.

The Giants' running game was middling at best last season, and things don't look much different this year. Rashad Jennings returns as the starter, although he's 31 years old and constantly injured these days. Shane Vereen is a fine change-of-pace back, but that's all he is at this point in his career. Andre Williams is arguably the worst running back in football. On paper, this isn't a terribly inspiring group of talent.

That leaves the door open for the one new running back New York added -- fifth-round pick Paul Perkins, who was a true three-down runner at UCLA. Like Washington, Perkins has concerns about his size (5'10, 208 pounds) and he doesn't have elite speed (4.54 40 time at the Combine) but his one-cut running style should at least give the Giants a different wrinkle in their offense. Perkins has to climb the depth chart a little bit, but if the players above him continue to underwhelm, it won't be long before he gets a real shot.

Valentine's View: This might end up being correct, but it is likely to take some time. Perkins is handicapped by a league rule saying he can't practice with the Giants until his class at UCLA has graduated. Thus, while he was allowed to participate in rookie minicamp, Perkins has missed all of the OTAs. He will be far behind when training camp begins.


Cowboys ready for life without Romo?

Even after what they went through last season, Blogging The Boys wonders how prepared the Dallas Cowboys are for life without Tony Romo, should he get hurt again. BTB's Danny Phantom isn't convinced the Cowboys are any better prepared than they were a year ago.

Now, the point here isn’t to drudge up a Stephen King-like nightmare and ask you to relive it with me. Someone recently asked me what is my biggest concern going into the 2016 season? After last year’s quarterback debacle, my biggest fear is the same as everyone’s - playing without the services of Tony Romo. But our front office seems to be holding their collective breath and wishing for the best when it comes to Romo’s health. What if we’re not so lucky? Imagine that you had "the shining" and possessed psychic abilities to where you could see things in the future, and one of those things was Tony Romo getting hurt? ...

The 2016 season has the making for something special, but that could all change in the blink of an eye. If this organization learned one thing last year, it’s that they must have a capable backup quarterback standing by just in case. If Romo goes down and they are once going mad for some serviceable quarterback play, it could be a scary time for Dallas fans.

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