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Rueben Randle tells ESPN he was "judged wrong" by Giants

Wide receiver hopes to avoid having that happen with Eagles

New York Giants v New Orleans Saints
Rueben Randle with the Giants in 2015
Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

During his four seasons with the New York Giants, Rueben Randle was a perplexing player. Sometimes he looked and played like a star. At other times he looked confused and nonchalant, like being good or doing things right didn't matter to him very much.

Now that Randle is a member of the Philadelphia Eagles, he says he was "judged wrong and read wrong" in New York.

"There was some miscommunication going on," Randle said Tuesday. "I guess they didn't like some things about my demeanor and things like that. I was judged wrong and read wrong, and I've got to be better about that. I've got to learn from my mistakes in the past and try to move forward here." ...

"I'm not going to change my personality or who I am," Randle said. "But just little things like body language, facial expressions, make sure they know I'm excited to be here."

Randle's biggest issue with the Giants, one that often led to interceptions and incompletions, appeared to be remembering and properly executing assignments. He and Eli Manning often seemed to see different things.

Was Randle "judged wrong" by the Giants? Or, did he earn his ticket out of town?