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Giants news, 6/7: Nikita Whitlock gets bigger, Victor Cruz takes a fall

Let's take a quick check of the headlines after Monday's OTA

Nikita Whitlock
Nikita Whitlock
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Let's catch up on some of the things others are talking about following Monday's OTA for the New York Giants, the last of which will have media access.

Beefed-up Whitlock still dreams of playing DT

New York Giants fullback Nikita Whitlock is 25 pounds heavier than he was wen the 2015 season started, back to his college playing weight of 265 pounds, and told ESPN's Dan Graziano that he is "praying every night" the Giants let him play more defense this season.

"That's my natural weight, 260," Whitlock said. "Cincinnati [where he first went as an undrafted free agent] wanted a smaller guy to run routes and stuff, but then I'm here last year and I'm looking around. Henry [Hynoski] was like 270 at one point. I can play fullback at the higher weight." ...

"I just look at myself as a tool," Whitlock said. "On offense, I've got the hammerhead, and on defense, I've got the nail remover. So whatever job they need done, I'll do it."

Practice reports

At Inside Football, Pat Traina says rookie safety Darian Thompson had an impressive day Monday.'s James Kratch offers pretty much the same observation about Thompson. also offers its own perspective on the workout.

Victor Cruz takes a tumble's Jordan Ranaan offer up a scary video of Victor Cruz crumpling to the ground while doing a drill on the side Monday. Cruz, who slipped, got up and finished the drill.