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PFF: Giants signing of Janoris Jenkins one of the 10 worst offseason moves

Will Jenkins justify the huge contract the Giants gave him?

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Janoris Jenkins
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When I wrote a list a few days ago of 100 things I think about the New York Giants I mentioned that in all likelihood one or more of the high-priced free agents the team signed in the offseason will be a bust. Pro Football Focus is guessing that will be cornerback Janoris Jenkins, naming his signing by the Giants one of the 10 worst moves of the offseason.

PFF's Sam Monson wrote:

Janoris Jenkins is not a bad cornerback, and 2015 was his best season to date, but the Giants made him one of the best-paid corners in the game, and he just isn’t anywhere near that standard. Jenkins is a gambler who can make a lot of big plays, but he has also surrendered 22 career touchdowns and over 700 receiving yards every season of his career. In two of his four seasons, he has been beaten for a passer rating of more than 110.0, and has never held opposing receivers to a completion percentage of under 61.7 percent, a mark 54 cornerbacks bettered this year alone.

Even if you work on the basis that the 2015 version of Jenkins is the player you will be getting going forward, that player had the 32nd-highest coverage grade among corners this past season, and was second-best on his own team, trailing Trumaine Johnson. He’s probably an upgrade for that New York secondary, but he came at an astronomical cost that he likely won’t come close to justifying.

The Giants bid goodbye to 2011 first-round pick Prince Amukamara and signed Jenkins to a five-year, $62.5 million contract with $28.8 million guaranteed. Will he be worth the money? Only time will tell, of course.

Your thoughts, Giants fans? Of the big-money signings the Giants made, which do you see as the biggest gamble?