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Mailbag, 6/4: Running backs, tight ends, safeties and more on your mind

Let's see what questions you have about the Giants this week

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants have completed two weeks of voluntary OTAs. One more week to go, then a mandatory minicamp before the team gets its summer vacation. With that in mind, let's dip into the Big Blue View mailbag for a few questions.

Ed says: I wrote the other day that I think there is a remote possibility that the Giants part ways with Rashad Jennings before the season starts, but I think it is extremely unlikely. How the running back situation unfolds will be one of the interesting stories not just of training camp and the preseason, but of the entire season. Just like last year I believe they will carry four, not counting a fullback.

Ed says: This is another question that was recently addressed at BBV. Anyway, my guess at this point about tight end is Donnell. At safety, let's let the competition between Nat Berhe and Darian Thompson play out. We haven't seen enough yet. Same at linebacker. My guess is Brinkley-Kennard-Casillas, but there are tons of possibilities.

Ed says: Yes, but I think it's more likely only one of them makes the roster. I have also said this before, but as much as I love Nikita Whitlock I think if only of the two makes the roster it is probably going to be Will Johnson because of the offensive versatility he has.

Ed says: Yes, Collins' spot is secure. What would make anyone think it wouldn't be? As for combinations, see the answer above.

Ed says: When the day-to-day practice schedule comes out the team usually also releases the schedule for which position groups will sign autographs on any given day. We will post it at BBV, so look for that before you make your plan.

Nat Karol asks [via e-mail]: Eli is on his final contract. Hopefully he maintains his amazing injury free record and can perform at the same level over the next four years. But ultimately the Giants have to think about his replacement. Of course we don't know at this point what the future will bring and who will be available. But were you the GM would you try to draft a replacement in 2017 or 2018 or would you wait until Eli's final year?

Ed says: Yes, the Giants have to start thinking about life after Eli Manning, and I believe they already are. I can't say when the right year is to draft a quarterback to groom as a replacement. I think it's more about the player. When you find the player you think is the right one and you are in a position to grab him, you do it. What year really doesn't matter, at least not to me. The other thing to consider is your roster has to be solid enough to withstand the fact that if you take a QB while Manning is still playing you are using a high draft pick on a guy who won't play initially.

Ed says: Sure he's healthy NOW when teams are practicing in shorts and t-shirts. Schwartz is a nice guy, he was always good to me, and I thought he was a good player when healthy. Still, IMHO the Giants made the right call. The guy has a long history of injuries throughout his career and as an organization you just have to get away from desperately throwing big money at guys who have shown they can't stay on the field.

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