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Fan confidence poll: Are the New York Giants a playoff team?

Eli Manning hopes so, and ex-Giants say they think so. But, what do you think?

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants have not made the playoffs since 2011, the last time they won the Super Bowl. They have had three straight losing seasons. They have made drastic changes, replacing coach Tom Coughlin with Ben McAdoo, overhauling the assistant coaches and aggressively revamping the roster.

Will all of those changes finally help the Giants get back to the playoffs? Quarterback Eli Manning certainly hopes so:

"I'm excited about this year with the Giants, I'm excited about Coach (Ben) McAdoo and staying in that same offense," Manning told NFL Media's Rhett Lewis. "I'm looking forward to getting back to making playoffs and getting back to what we're expected to do."

A couple of former Giants turned NFL analysts think Manning could get his wish in 2016. Former backup quarterback David Carr and former starting center Shaun O’Hara each recently sounded optimistic during separate television appearances.

Here is some of what O’Hara said:

"The reasons why you win championships in New York is because of defense," O’Hara said. "The pass rush is the reason why they’re going to get back in the playoffs."


"The defense is going to be even more aggressive now because of Jenkins," O’Hara added, calling this the most talented Giants defense in years. "That gives them two lockdown corners, and when you have two of those, defensive coordinators can just pin their ears back and go."

Here is a little from Carr:

"Eli [Manning] threw 35 touchdown passes last year basically with just Odell Beckham Jr.," O’Hara said. "You add in a healthy Victor Cruz and Sterling Shepard, and Eli could throw for 40 touchdowns or more. It could be a banner year." ...

"This system is perfect for what he’s wanted to do his entire career," Carr said. "The guy is the smartest player I’ve ever played with."

So, the question is this Giants fans. Do you think the Giants are a playoff team? Vote in the poll and let us know.