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Throwback Thursday: Add a Giant from each decade to the current team

Let’s go from 1960 forward and add one player from each decade to the current group.

Washington Redskins vs  New York Giants
Chris Snee

We have never done “Throwback Thursday” posts here at Big Blue View, but there is a first time for everything. So, here is a “Throwback Thursday” question for you to ponder today.

Going back to the 1960s, which player from each decade would you add to the current roster for the New York Giants? Offer your list in the comments. If you aren’t old enough to remember back that far, offer what you can.

To get the ball rolling, here are my selections:


WR Homer Jones — A Giant from 1964-69, Jones had three 1,000-yard receiving seasons and made two Pro Bowls despite never catching more than 49 passes in a season. He was a blazing fast receiver who averaged 22.6 yards per catch with the Giants.

Also considered: Spider Lockhart, a safety who played 11 seasons for the Giants beginning in 1965, made two Pro Bowls and intercepted 41 passes in his career. Joe Morrison played running back and receiver for the Giants from 1959-72. He probably doesn’t get the recognition he deserves for an outstanding career.

Note: Many historically great Giants played in the early part of the ‘60s, but the best parts of their careers came in the 1950s. I skipped them.


OLB Brad Van Pelt — Van Pelt, a 1973 second-round pick, was a great Giants linebacker before the Taylor-Banks-Carson era of great Giants linebackers. He played 11 years for the Giants, finishing his career with the Oakland Raiders and Cleveland Browns. Van Pelt made the Pro Bowl five straight seasons, from 1976-80.

Also considered: RB Ron Johnson, TE Bob Tucker


OLB Lawrence Taylor — Does this one require explanation? First-round pick in 1981. Hall of Famer, 10-time Pro Bowler, eight-time first-team All Pro, credited with 132.5 career sacks. Best linebacker to ever play. Period. End of conversation.


DE Michael Strahan — Another one that should not require explanation. Second-round pick in 1993. Had a 15-year Hall of Fame career. Super Bowl winner. Franchise leader with 141.5 sacks. The defensive end against whom all Giants defensive ends are measured.


OG Chris Snee — It would be easy to put Eli Manning in this spot. Remember, though, we are talking about players to ADD to the current team. Manning is already on it. Snee, a 2004 second-round pick, was the best lineman on what — for a time late in the decade — was the best offensive line in the league. In a 10-year career, he made four Pro Bowls and was All-Pro in 2008. From 2005-2012 he missed one start.

Also considered: Justin Tuck