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Summer School fan feedback: Help make the site a better place!

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Big Blue View 'Summer School' series has been running for three weeks now. We want to make it as good as it can possibly be. That's why we're turning to you. We want you to speak up and be heard, so we've put together a questionnaire to make it easy for everyone to give feedback on the series and make it better than ever.

Here's how it works. Here we have a bunch of questions. You put your answers into the comments section below. You can either copy and paste the questions, and insert your answers after, or just preface each answer with the corresponding number so we know which question you're answering. Answer as many or as few questions as you like!

Any and all feedback is really valuable to us. We write about what we love for people who love that same thing. If we work together, we can make this a better experience for everyone.

1. Have you read any of the 'Summer School' series so far? If so, how many of the seven articles have you read?

2. Have you found the 'Summer School' series informative?

3. Would you describe the series as too advanced, too basic, or just right?

4. Was there a particular article you enjoyed?

5. What do you think would improve the series?

6. Would you be interested in a mailbag style 'Summer School' article?

7. Any other general feedback?

And that's it! Thanks in advance to anyone who participates!